Urban Coffee Carrier
The world's first sustainable & reusable silicone cup tray & carrier bag that will help you carry your coffee THE RIGHT WAY!


Carry your drinks and snacks the easy way with the Urban Coffee Carrier silicone cup tray. Made from high-quality materials, it has a modular design that lets you hold snacks with 2 or 4 or even up to 6 drinks at one time. Designed to stand the test of time, it replaces that cardboard carrier you toss every day. Moreover, you can even use to 2 cup carrier by itself. This reusable cup tray avoids the energy and water use that goes into disposable cup trays. So, it’s much better for our planet! Compatible with most drink sizes, it comes with a bag that has 5 pockets to hold items like keys, a wallet, a phone, and even straws. Furthermore, the carrier is dishwasher safe, BPA-free, heat-resistant, leakproof, and waterproof. Unlike anything else, it’s great for at home or on the go use!

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Here are the Top 10 reasons the Urban Coffee Carrier is a MUST HAVE!


Let’s be honest & think about the daily resources needed to recycle & remake these throw-away trays. The Urban Coffee Carrier is made from high-quality materials that are made to last for years to come. So there is no need o throw it away.

The journey to sustainability starts with you. So say no to throw-away trays & together, let’s create a movement in the right direction.


Say goodbye to spills! Sometimes we all need a little help keeping things steady as we carry our favourite beverages. That’s why we designed the Urban Coffee Carrier to hold your drinks safely & securely every time.


One of the best features of the Urban Coffee Carrier is the ability to choose how you want to carry your drinks. You can select two, four or even six beverages at a time, as well as your snacks


We’ve all been there: The one thing you need to get out right away is lost at the bottom of your bag. Rather than constantly wasting time searching for what you need, the Urban Coffee Carrier helps you store, organise & separate your items easily & effortlessly, saving you time & stress.

The Urban Coffee Carrier has room to fit everything you need. There are five spacious pockets to choose from to hold your keys, wallet, phone, straws & even cup, plates & cutlery. The inside pocket doubles as a tray for snacks. The best parties that you can carry it all in one hand. In addition, the bag & pockets are lined with waterproofing, so you need to worry about Spillage.


The 2 cup holder is great for that quick coffee dash, used at home, in the office or on the run. You can even use it with or without the Urban Coffee Carrier Bag.

Carrying drinks is a cinch with the Urban Coffee Carrier, which was designed to cover most drink sizes, from small cups to large beverages & been standard wine bottles.

You can choose to carry two, four or even six beverages at a time with snacks ready to go.

The Urban Coffee Carrier is so multi-purpose that you can even use it to pick up those few essential items.


When you’re finished using the Urban Coffee Carrier, wipe the bag clean & if needs be, you can pop the silicone carrier, simply into the dishwasher to be hygienically clean.

The Urban Coffee Carrier is:

The Urban Coffee Carrier is easy to use, keep clean & even easier to store away until next time. So you will never need to throw it away, unlike some single-use trays.


Catching up with family & friends is one of the joyous moments in life. The only problem is you never have enough hands to carry everything!


You can use this additional 2 Cup Holder (add-on) with or without the bag, and you can buy more than one if you wish.


Perfect for the office coffee dash, which you can do safely & securely every time. You can choose to carry two, four or even six beverages with or without the bag.


The Urban Coffee Carrier is perfect for beach & boating. The bag is leakproof and has a waterproof lining so, no sneaky sand will get into your coffee or your food.

With every purchase of the Urban Coffee Carrier, we will plant a tree. Together we can make a difference!
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Urban Coffee Carrier Comes with:


You can use this additional 2 Cup Holder (add-on) with or without the bag, and you can buy more than one if you wish.



The Urban Coffee Carrier will be a product the world will be talking about, so let's start the conversation!

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My Willy Wagtail Bag

$ 20
  • Carry up to 6 beverages
  • Snacks and foods
  • Nylon/Silicone
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