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In 2016 Julie was inspired to design a range of innovative quality products that were reusable. So, we are happy to say that in 2022 Julie released the URBAN COFFEE CARRIER in two sizes, via the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Julie is now pre-selling worldwide from the 2nd December 2022.

“It’s all about creating a new revolution to a sustainable way of life for all of us. Just imagine the resources we could save if we didn’t use throw-away trays!” – Julie McKenzie – Founder.

Founder - Julie McKenzie

Founder Julie McKenzie started her My Willy Wagtail business with her family because she believes that sustainability could make a difference and that our choices today can change the future for generations to come. 

While Julie’s children were growing up, she could see the world drowning in a throw-away culture. She saw this human social concept where people would use items once and then throw them away and was disheartened that her children would grow up thinking this was normal.

Julie spent days and nights pouring over ideas. Then, in 2016, she knew that her first task was to change and revolutionise the way coffee was handled, especially since the social behaviours surrounding society’s love for coffee was growing.

Even though there were recyclable trays, Julie could see the energy and water use, and the rise of greenhouse gas emissions was very impactful. So, Julie designed the Urban Coffee Carrier to make a difference. It was a pivotal point in her life, and thus began her mission to change the industry one tray at a time.

“The future is in our hands, and we must honour and be mindful of the next generations to come. We must make better choices to GO GREEN creating a sustainable future. Life depends on it!”
Julie McKenzie – FOUNDER

Creating the Urban Coffee Carrier was one of her proudest moments in life, not just because it would help the planet, but because it was vital for her children to see that if you believe in something strongly enough, you can make change happen. Julie’s family are all grown up now, and they wholeheartedly support her and even help in the business as they raise awareness together. 

Julie and her family are committed to bringing new concepts and sustainable innovation to life. It is the very reason she dedicated her time and resources to designing more reusable products to revolutionise the way we think about expendable products. 

As you can see, she is very passionate, and this is only the beginning! So, if you enjoyed this, make sure you follow along on her social media @mywillywagtail

“It’s time to evolve and make a genuine change to reusables. Together we can make a difference! Our children will thank us”
Julie McKenzie – Founder

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"The future is on our hands, and we must honour & be mindful of the next generations to come. We must make better choices to Go Green creating a sustainable future. Life depends on it!"
Julie McKenzie - Founder